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Prospective clients: general info

Skull design tattooer 
Tattoo Asheville oddities oddity weird art girl and Goblin WNC Asheville,NC


We spend a lot of focus on our own particular styles of tattooing. That being said, not every artist is capable or enthusiastic  of every style and individual tattoo. If your idea does not suit the artist you chose please be respectful if your idea is declined or referred to another artist. This is not meant as insult, only to allow our artists to focus on the direction they want to lead.

All artists keep their portfolios up to date. Please check portfolios before making a decision.


All scheduling is done with the artist.  Please do not email us for your appointment, all personal emails of the artists can be found on their pages. 


A deposit may be required for your appointment before designing your image can begin. Deposits will be applied to your tattoo unless otherwise stated. All appointments require a 48 hour cancellation policy and must be done before designing has begun to receive a refund of deposit. 


It is up to the artist‘s discretion to work on the designs as they see fit and in a manor that suits their process. Designs may not be seen until appointment day but will be accommodating for changes needed to be made. We understand this can sometimes be frustrating. Please be respectful of our individual approach to our work. All artists are available to contact via email or phone for discussion at any time.

Day of

Appointments are expected to arrive on time, the artists often work with very busy schedule’s and depend on you to be ready as well. Before arriving it is important to eat before getting tattooed, and bring water with you. Also, please bathe, I know this is Asheville and it’s cool to be natural. It’s also cool to be respectful of the people around you.

Guest Artists

We are always excited for guest artists and like to spend time with our friends. However not every artist is a right fit for our particular location and ‘vibe’, if you would like to be a guest artist, contact us and we can discuss it.

Want to be tattooed by one of our guest artists? Watch our social media pages for announcements and when possible, contact artists directly. 

Thanks for your consideration and cooperation