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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do we get our specimens?

Our specimens come from a number of sources, including donations from pet  owners,  pet store owners,  hunters, and  local  farmers.  We  also  collect  from found animal  remains in  nature,  and  insect farms  around  the  world.

What does ethically sourced mean?

We do not harm any animals for our own profit. All animals are dead before they reach our hands. We try to work with people who have similar values, and keep unnecessary death out of our work. Information about species conservation can be found and we do our best to work in a way that respects the environment.

Are all specimens legal to have?

No, different states and countries have different laws. It is your responsibility to make sure an object is legal to own if you are returning home with it. We follow all federal laws and regulations.

Are all specimens ethically okay to have?

In our opinion,  no. Certain species in taxidermy, such as bats, have had devastating losses with the popularity of seeing them in oddity displays. Not only are the bats being wiped out for resell purposes, but this also effects the insect population for those areas. Simply by choosing to not have bats in your own collection can help this problem.

Do you travel?

Yes! We love to travel and do multiple events locally and nationwide. To have us come to you, send an email with information about your event to contact@girlandgoblin.com