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Bone Cleaning

Beetle cleaned snake skeleton taxidermy oddities

We use multiple ways to clean the bones that we use.  Most commonly used are dermestid beetles. 

Electroformed Jewelry


Copper electroforming is a process that uses electricity to slowly coat an object in copper. 


Sculpture oddities weird Asheville bone art

Custom sculptures are available upon request. 

Wet Specimens

Preserved shark wet specimen taxidermy oddities asheville

All wet specimens are first preserved then stored in an alcohol solution. Most, but not all, jars are air tight. If you need to change or refill the liquid in your wet specimen, while wearing gloves empty all liquid, then refill with isopropyl alcohol.


Luna moth shadow box Asheville oddities

Entomology has been a focus since day one. Most insects look best and last longer under glass.  Shadowboxes & picture frames are always available in many sizes and designs. Email us for a custom order


Taxidermy rat Asheville oddities

I have been practicing small animal taxidermy and rouge taxidermy since 2015. I often work these into larger sculptures or displays, available by special request.